Flow rates in the nanoliter range starting at 1 µl/h

With the by-pass module constant small flow rates reaching the nanoliter range can be obtained. The technology bases on the partitioning of flow according to the relationship of the fluidic resistance of two capillaries. The flow is generated by a micro annular  gear pump and shows a very good constancy and little pressure dependence. This technology creates an almost pulsation-free master circulation, from which a side current is derived. Smallest flow rates starting at 1 µl/h can be achieved. Depending on the differential  pressure and flow rate range an adjusting range of 1:100 may be obtained. The lower limit of flow rate is defined by tuning of the two capillary tubes and can be adjusted according to customer's needs from 1 to 10,000 µl/h.


  • Flow rate in Nanoliter range
    flow rate from 1 µl/h to 10 ml/h
  • Wide flow rate range
    small-volume dispensing with a adjusting range maximum 1:100
  • Low-pulsation delivery
    damped flow
  • Pressure resistance
    generation of pressure up to 3 bar
  • Customized system
    for use with micro annular gear pumps mzr-2521 M2.1, mzr-2921 M2.1, mzr-2542 M2.1, mzr-2942 M2.1 or mzr-4622 M2.1

Technical data

  • Flow rate
    1 - 10,000 µl/h
  • Remarks
    subject to technical changes
  • Liquid temperature range
    -20 ... +60 °C
  • Maximum inlet pressure
    1 bar
  • Differential pressure range
    0 – 3 bar
  • Adjustment range
    1 : 100
  • Weight
    approx. 160 g (version 316L without pump) approx. 50 g (version PEEK™ without pump)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H)
    32 x 25 x 25 mm (By-pass block without pump)
  • Wetted parts
    by-pass manifold adapter stainless steel 316L, optional: PEEK™; fittings and tubings: ETFE, PEEK™
  • Fluid connection
    capillary fittings 1/4"-28 UNF; feed line: tubing, OD 1/8“; master capillary: tubing, OD 1/8“; secondary capillary: tubing, OD 1/16“
  • Viscosity range
    0.3 - 100 mPas
  • Pulsation
    < 1 %
  • Notice
    Even if single parameters are within the indicated performance range of technical data, certain parameter combinations may not be achievable. Single parameters may exceed their indicated performance range under adequate circumstances. For detailed evaluation please contact HNP Mikrosysteme. Actual performance may vary. Specifications are subject to change without notice. 

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